Global School of Mortuary Science


school 11

Module E


UNIT 1. Embalming Chemistry

  • The constituents of arterial fluids
  • Fluid index
  • The amount of fluid and temperature and pressure at which it is used.
  • Pre-embalming considerations
  • Choice of vessels for injection and drainage
  • Multiple injection points

UNIT 2. The Embalming Operation

  • The preparation for embalming
  • Embalming a case that has not been the subject of a post-mortem
  • Embalming a case that has been the subject of a post-mortem
  • Completion procedures
  • Techniques: mouth closure, eye closure
  • The location of vessels

UNIT 3. Embalming Special Conditions

  • Asphyxia, burns and scalds, carcinomas and sarcomas cerebral
    haemorrhage, children and infants, gangrene and tissue gas, infectious
    diseases, jaundice, oedema, purges.