Mortuary Science Ireland Ltd.

school 11

About Us

Dublin School of Mortuary Science was set up by Mr. Ray Hood MBIE and
Mr. Cyril Gantley MBIE. The school prides itself on it's unique system
of training, keeping classes small so that each student can receive the
very best in support and tuition. We incorporate your practical
embalming alongside the academic modules which creates a better learning
experience. The Dublin School of Mortuary Science teaches embalming as a
"scientific based art" and encourages students, throughout their
practical training to ask questions, to put forward ideas of their own
and to respect everybody's opinion.

school, and your tuition comes to you in a very relaxed yet
professional manner. The embalming course has been designed so that each
student gets the very best support and training. We also have a very
flexible approach to your study eg. Skype / Distance Learning / Mortuary
Based. All of which can be accommodated.