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British Institute of Embalmers Modular Embalming Course

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About Course

Coursework Tasks
How do they work?

Coursework tasks are not tests, they are designed to help you study the subject in the following structured way.

The tasks are to be achieved "open book" - that is to say with all of your research materials to hand.
The results of your research may then be formulated into an orderly and logical sequence, culminating in the desired result.

The study programme that you are following may be augmented by other study means. These will be dependent upon your own personal learning preferences. However, whatever your learning preferences or style, the structured learning approach dictated by this course may still be followed in order to achieve a successful outcome,

Have you got all your course notes? Are there any gaps? If there are, fill them now!

Which is the best time of day for you to revise? Do you work well late at night? Are you an early morning person?

Do your revision at the time of day when you are most alert.
Devise a revision plan a few weeks ahead of the examinations. Fit it to a time schedule, deciding how much to revise each day. Work out your routine and stick to it.
if you are to be successful you need determination to succeed - imagine how good it will feel to pass your exams, and how free you will be afterwards.

Where is the best place for you to revise? If there is nowhere at home, try a library, or go to a relative’s house where you might get a bit of peace and quiet.

Two clues to remembering material.

  • First, you will remember it if you review it often.
  • Secondly, you will remember material better if you review it within a day of first hearing or reading it.

Keep up to dale with your work, and make time to look back over your notes regularly.
Research shows that revising little and often will lead to better results than odd bouts of mass cramming. Your concentration is better in short bursts, and you get less tired - but make sure you work regularly.
Make your revision sessions active. Reading is important, but don't make that your only activity

You might try recording your revision notes and playing them back? It might help to get things to stick in your mind.
Reduce your notes to essential points. Each point should contain a key word which acts as a trigger for you. to recall the details.

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Concentrate your revision on the areas you need to improve in, not just the areas you like.
Take regular, scheduled breaks. These will motivate you to get down to work, and will help you stick to your revision plan.
Be flexible in your revision. It is important to stick to your schedule, but if you miss a session, plan to catch up at another time * don’t panic about it!

Reflective practice informs your Revision Plan.
Following the completion of each 'Coursework Task' make a short statement analysing your performance using the appraisal tools indicated below.

• Identify areas where you did well.
• Identify areas of insufficiency.
• indicate what your actions will be in order to make up any shortfall in knowledge.
• Formulate an achievable action plan.


Tutorial notes and guidance on course material
In order to be successful it is essential that you, the student, plan your time carefully in order to get the best from each study period. Plan a definite part of each day or each week and maintain that commitment.
These tutorial notes are designed to be used in conjunction with the Embalming Text Book. They both supplement and compliment those notes rather than replace them.
Tasks are built into the course in order to ensure that all areas of required knowledge are covered.
Regular test papers within the course are designed to test your retention of knowledge. There are no trick questions.

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Course Content

Module 1
In this module you will learn

  • The History of Embalming
  • Coursework Task 1.
  • The History, Structure and Objetives of the BIE
  • Coursework Task 2
  • Procedures before embalming
  • Coursework Task 3
  • Grief
  • Coursework task 4
  • Life and Death
  • Coursework Task 5
  • Health and Safety at work act 1974
  • Coursework 6
  • Assignments 1
  • Coursework Task 8
  • Infectious Diseases Following Death:
  • Course work task 9:
  • Coursework task 10:
  • CoSHH
  • Coursework task 11:
  • Course work task 12;
  • Course work task 13:
  • Course work task 14
  • Coursework Task 15:
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Coursework Task 16
  • Coursework task 17
  • Coursework task 18.
  • Coursework task 19:
  • The Mortuary Environment Identification and Assessment of Risk
  • Immunity
  • Coursework task 20
  • Coursework task 21:
  • Coursework task 22:
  • Coursework task 23.
  • Coursework task 24:
  • Coursework task 25
  • Coursework task 26:
  • Fluid Strenght Calculation.
  • Assignments / Mock Exam

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

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2 years ago
Wonderful course from start to finish.

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