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Foundation Course in Mortuary Science:

This course is designed for both Funeral Operatives who have a keen interest in Mortuary Science and people who do not have a background in Funeral Service but would benefit from an insight into the profession.

This is a five day course and includes modules on:

  •       Legal requirements on accepting the deceased to the Mortuary.
  •       Health and safety within the mortuary.
  •       Burial Vs Cremation. Why its important to know.
  •       Procedures prior to embalming.
  •       Embalming Techniques.
  •       Heart pressure Vs Embalming pressure.
  •       Understanding embalming fluids and working indices.
  •       Understanding surface anatomy and the circulatory system.
  •       Incisions. Where and how to make them.
  •       Injection Techniques.
  •       Suturing Techniques.
  •       Cosmetology on the deceased.
  •       Final presentation of the deceased.


This course is divided between classroom sessions and mortuary sessions. There will be guest presentations throughout the course also. A set of clinical scrubs will be included for each student and an assessment will be made on your progress. A certificate will be issued on completion.

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