Mortuary Science Ireland Ltd.

Restoration of Trauma Cases

At the time of a death, whether expected or unexpected, it is still the hardest thing in life any of us will have to deal with, but we get to go through a process of grief which helps us deal with the loss. Part of this process involves saying our final goodbyes to our loved one whether it be in a Funeral Home Or at the deceased’s own home. In the event of a death through trauma, events change dramatically. The shock alone of hearing that news is a devastating, heart breaking event which sends the recipient’s mindset to a place where none of us would wish to be. Dealing with a traumatic death brings its own difficulties. Not having the ability to see or say goodbye to your loved one because of injuries can be a difficult concept to accept. Not always should a closed coffin be an option.

Here at Mortuary Science Ireland Ltd. we specialise in the restoration of badly damaged tissue caused from RTA’s, falls, stab wounds etc. Each case is assessed on an individual basis.