Mortuary Science Ireland Ltd.

Upskill and Restorative Courses

These courses can be tailored to suit each individuals or groups needs. They can be run as a one, five or ten day program and will include different injection techniques, how to make the most of each fluid, advanced suturing methods etc. These courses are conducted through academic and practical modules.

Restoration and Reconstruction Courses

Because of the intricate and time consuming nature of restorative work, we have devised a “Trilogy” of stand alone one day workshops.

DAY 1: Assessing the type of trauma and how to deal with it, Treating Tissue, Wax Blending, Advanced Suturing, Cosmetics for Trauma

DAY 2: Geometry of the face,  Constructing facial appendices (nose, ear etc.) and how to blend them in with the natural curvature of each individuals face,

Hair Replacement, Cosmetics with and without trauma lighting.

DAY 3: This is the most advanced of our trilogy and involves full cranial reconstruction. Attendance to this course is by  invitation only and students may only be invited after completing day one and two.

Day one and two of the restoration courses are very separate workshops. They are run back to back to allow students flow from one to the next, but because each day is a stand alone course, they can be booked and attended at any time. Please contact us for more information